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Patience. Persistence. No Days Off.

Tracksmith's No Days Off Collection is built for consistency.

Story by Tracksmith February 5th, 2016

Burke, Vt

Running in Vermont is like stepping back in time. The roads are gravel, there’s very little traffic and there really isn’t that much to suggest the last thirty years have happened—rent a cabin and there are few distractions, which makes it the perfect place to rack up the miles. Which is exactly what Ruben and Lyndsay had in mind at out No Days Off training camp.
NoDaysOff-Tracksmith-8721 (1).jpg


It’s a horrible word, Fartlek—an uncompromising mess of harsh Scandinavian consonants. If you’re not fit, the semi-structured combination of fast and faster, steady and steadier, can make for a pretty harsh workout too.

Not for Ruben.

He’s coming into form and he reeled off a 10-mile fartlek like it was nothing, spending a lot of the time running 5:15/mile, the pace he’ll need to run to qualify for the Olympic Marathon this year.

He started the workout wearing Tracksmith Bislett Pants, but the intensity took it’s toll, so he stripped down to No Days Off Van Cortlandt shorts at halfway. Cotton is always in season, and the No Days Off over-dyed Grayboy was the perfect partner for a tough start to the day.

The Varsity Runner's Cap is comfortable and warm, however cold it gets
The Bislett Pants' long calf zippers make them easy to remove over shoes
Van Cortlandt shorts are built for race day - or any time speed is of the essence
The No Days Off Grayboy is made and over-dyed in Massachusetts, just a few miles from the Tracksmith office

Winter rolls in

By the time Lyndsay got out on the road the temperature was dropping, so she started out in the new Tracksmith 226 Soft Shell jacket. As a middle distance runner her cruise pace is pretty quick, and she quickly warmed up enough to strip down to the Grayboy Tank, which in its No Days Off guise comes in over-dyed black.

Real runners sweat in cotton. The women's Grayboy Tank
The Tracksmith 226 Soft Shell is the perfect partner for steady winter miles

Train hard. Recover harder.

With snow falling when the athletes got back from their afternoon runs, they threw on their Post Run Robes while the fire warmed up the lodge. They ate, dried clothes and got busy recovering—yoga, foam rolling and resting, ready for more of the same the next morning.

The Post Run Robe. Kickstart your recovery.
NoDaysOff-Tracksmith-2617 (1).jpg
Warming up in a Post Run Robe
Thawing out in Bislett Pants
Rolling in a Van Cortlandt Singlet
NoDaysOff-Tracksmith-3433 (1).jpg
Ruben goes through his yoga routine in a Van Cortlandt singlet

Whatever the weather. No days off.

We drove down to the small town of Lyndon first thing the next morning. The town is home to Lyndon College which has a track out front, sandwiched between the cemetery and the white-spired church. It was cold, of course, but not too cold—the runners quickly got warm.


Building the base / maintaining sharpness

Ruben ran the straights of the track at marathon pace and floated the bends while Lyndsay unleashed a full speed workout. For her, the indoor track season is fast approaching meaning she needs to maintain the sharpness needed to compete in 800m races on a banked track.

NoDaysOff-Tracksmith-2876 (1).jpg
The Tracksmith Club Duffel
Lyndsay trains in the 226 Soft Shell at Lyndon track
With the sun out, Lyndsay finished her workout in a Van Cortlandt singlet
Back on the road for a final 6-mile shakeout, Ruben wore the 226 Soft Shell

never too cold for Van Cortlandt shorts

As part of the No Days Off collection Tracksmith has released the Van Cortlandt shorts in black for both men and women with a matching all black singlet. They’re the greatest race shorts we’ve ever worn. If you’re looking to go fast, they’re the shorts of choice, whatever the weather.

Snow is no excuse not to run. No Days Off.

Cold Forged

Film maker Joel Wolpert accompanied us throughout the camp to shoot Cold Forged. Learn more about the making of the film over on Medium.


You can learn more about the No Days Off collection at—place an order and you’ll receive a free No Days Off calendar (including a sharpie) so you can track your progress.

Footnote: All the photos throughout this story are by Emily Maye.
Burke, VT, United States